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About San Marco Restaurant

A chat with his customers is like a stroll in the park for owner Orlando Andreani, who greets you with a genuine sense of hospitality. Andreani began his restaurant career in 1966 attending culinary school in Bellagio (in the province of Como) northern Italy. He worked in England, France & Italy. including his father's restaurant, and as a steward on a cruise ship, before landing in New York and learning the ropes of American Culinary arts in several Manhattan restaurants.

His partner and Chef José Rodrigues has extensive European experience in France and Italy. Together, they have created the areas most celebrated Northern Italian restaurant, with old world charm.

Well established for over 19 years, San Marco Ristorante is graced with elegance in a romantic atmosphere. Brick arches, beautiful paintings, soft lighting and comfortable seats add to the refined beauty.

The professional tuxedoed wait staff is always friendly and attentive to all your needs.

At San Marco Ristorante, customers don't have to depend on reading the menu to make their choices. The captain brings an appetizer cart to the table to show the food, while describing each offering, and the same ritual occurs again after dinner, when the dessert cart comes around. "It is one thing to say it, but it's another to see it," says Mr. Andreani, who travels weekly to the Hunter's Point Market and the Fulton Fish Market in New York City. He believes that the freshest ingredients are essential to good food.

Some of the signature dishes at San Marco are: Torta San Marco, an antipasto layered cake; Chicken Raspberry, boneless breast of chicken in light raspberry sauce; and Veal Cantiniera. These tender scaloppine are topped with prosciutto and mozzarella, and are laced with a light sauce of white wine & tarragon.

Some of the most popular desserts include: Tiramisù, sponge cake soaked with cappuccino & rum layered with mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers and cacao. Crème Brûllée, incredibly velvety and delicious. Chocolate Mousse made with pure Belgian chocolate and laced with brandy and whipped cream.

To enhance your luncheon or dinner, San Marco Ristorante has created a wine list representing their 20,000-bottle cellar. "We consider fine wine a centerpiece for any meal. Wine is naturally conducive to enjoying the entire range of foods, and is one of the great and civilized pleasures of the world," says Orlando Andreani.

Catering is available on or off premise. Why not let San Marco make your next party a culinary sparkler? For details click-on the "catering" or call Orlando.

Winemaker's dinners and wine tastings are held monthly and continue to raise great interest among the patrons. Visit the "Special Events" section of this web site for the schedule.

With a "very good rating" from the New York Times, The Wine Spectator "Award of Excellence," a 4-Star rating from the Practical Gourmet, and many other rave reviews, this creative Italian restaurant is a true culinary gem with true European charm.